Why are some experiences better than others?

I keep four basic ingredients in mind as I plan and organize events. The overarching theme of every event must be that it becomes an engaging experience. Engaging experiences form out of four important elements: entertainment, education, beauty, and fantasy. The most compelling experiences are the ones that hit the sweet spot, blurring these experiences all together. I ask four questions: Read the rest of this entry »


I’ve had the privilege of working and brainstorming with many incredibly talented people over the years; daring people, risk taking people, entrepreneurial types with creative appetites that never fill. These are artists, film makers, business people, preachers, musicians, graphic designers, internerds, super-shreds, and even a few random strangers who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I love dreaming and scheming with creatives and have enjoyed seeing the product of some of these sessions when they hit the street. Read the rest of this entry »

Most who have visited the office space of Christian Life Community Church have uttered comments of surprise as to how chaotic and unordered it seems to be. In fact, most visiting and out-of-town pastors who come through our office usually make a comment very similar to… “Interesting, you guys actually get work done here?”

What makes our office space unique to many offices spaces – whether they are church, business, or other social sector office spaces – is that we don’t actually have offices. Read the rest of this entry »

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