Converge Magazine

January 30, 2011

The Converge Magazine crew, producers of a brand-spanking-new magazine geared at the odd and eccentric age group of 20-somethings, spent the weekend hawking hot-off-the-press copies to the “God Bless ya Brother” crowd at Missions Fest in Vancouver, BC. I had a chance to hang out around the Converge booth for a few minutes and watched as people eagerly picked up their free copies.

Loaded with great content, the cover story tracks down hip-hop head Jaeson Ma who will be performing/preaching at  HistoryMakers this May in Abbotsford, BC. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing more of Jaeson’s work. Great piece written by Converge editor, Shara Lee.

I was also stoked to see that my friend Robyn Roste, who is a terrific writer, also had a short piece on dating, creativity, and smart phone apps. I’ve learned a lot about writing and editors from Robyn and was happy to see her contribution to Converege.

Besides all of the other great content, most of which I haven’t mentioned, you can also find two articles that I contributed. The first, and shorter of the two, is a piece on masculinity which happened to be a lot of fun to write – whiskey, UFC, moustaches and all. In the second piece I tried to tell the story of a really cool community that is being shaped in a hotel in downtown Abbotsford. The Atangard Community Project was so gracious in letting me pry into their community. It’s a great story, I think you’ll enjoy it; grab a copy of the magazine to read my telling of it or check-in to their blog to read theirs.

As always, thanks for reading!



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